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The Folder

The Folder

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"I got this folder with tattoo designs from my friend Roberto Cervantes who got it out of the trash dumpster when Pinky Yun closed his shop in San Jose, California!
He lived not far away from Pinky Yun´s Shop and when he drove by one day he saw how Pinky had dumped his whole shop. Pinky would let him take whatever he wanted.
Roberto is a Tattooer and Machine builder from San Jose and we have been friends for a long time.
I had the folder for years and when I opened my museum I went through it again and I loved the wild mix of designs you can only find at a busy street shop. From famous cartoon characters to dragons, from tigers to the logo of your favorite band.
You can see the marks of the pencil in the plastic from tracing the designs out of the book and color stains all over it. Enjoy the little bit of everything!" -Andreas Coenen

100 pages

Printed in Germany

Size: 11.02 x 8.26 inches

Weight: .635kg

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